What do I need?...

  • Rifle Capable of Shooting 1 MOA or Better

  • Adjustable Bipod

  • Match Grade Ammunition

  • Rear Bag

  • DOPE for Your Rifle/Ballistic Solver


What Do the Pro's Use?

If you're shooting your first match, bring the above gear and see what others are using. Other shooters are happy to let you borrow their gear.  If you'd like to get set up for success, here are some additional things we suggest.

  • 10+ Round Magazines

  • Barricade Bag - IE: WieBad Fortune Cookie, Reasor Game Changer or Tactical Udder

  • Positional Bag - IE: Wiebad Pump Pillow, Armageddon Gear Fat Bag, Traust Gamer Bag

  • Precision Rifle Scope with Reticle in the Front Focal Plane and Tactical Turrets

  • Precision Rifle Sling

  • Binoculars for finding targets

  • Wrist Coach or Sidewinder for Writing Down DOPE for Quick Reference.